About Us | Davenben Enterprises Corp.


Our Story

Davenben Enterprises Corp. upholds the power of nature to sustain and improve life and health. And because we also advocate every man's right to safe, effective and affordable health care, it is our mission to deliver only the best and clinically tested herbal medicines and supplements that are economically accessible to every Filipino.

For ten years now, Davenben Enterprises Corp. has been an established distributor of leading ayurvedic medicines in the Philippines. More than just traditional medicine, Ayurveda is the science of life that promotes health and longevity through a holistic and natural approach which we fully espouse.

Our flagship brands Cogent db+, Memo Plus Gold, and Arthrid are produced by the most reputable botanical laboratories abroad. In solid collaboration with our international partners, we continue to provide natural and affordable health products that can make modern miracles happen... our way of re-introducing man to the abundant wealth and power of nature.

Our Philosophy

Mother Nature knows best.

What conventional medicine can't, we believe Mother Nature can. That's because man has an innate affinity and relation to nature. Thus, we believe nothing beats nature's incredible abilities to heal and preserve life. Based on this principle, we supply health products made only from the potent extracts of clinically proven medicinal plants and herbs.

Health is wealth, not an expense.

We firmly believe in every man's right to health and well-being. Thus, health care shouldn't be expensive. It only needs to be efficient and effective. Our health products attest to this.

Natural health products are the way to affordable and sustainable health care.

Nature's abundant life-giving and nurturing benefits address the need for an affordable and sustainable health care. This is what Davenben Enterprises Corp. truly stands for, paving the way for nature's healing powers to make health accessible to all.

Our Mission

  • To make health and wellness a standard of living through the distribution of health products     cultivated and produced only from the most potent natural sources
  • To promote healthy practices and clean living through natural means